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Linear Predictive Approaches Separate Field Potentials in Animal Model of Parkinson's Disease. Paper Code/Dataset

Temporal learning among prefrontal and striatal ensembles (Emmons et al., 2020 bioRxiv) Paper Code/Dataset (run MFC_STR_Learning_v2_All.m)

Frontal Theta and Beta Oscillations During Lower-Limb Movement in Parkinson's Disease (Singh et al., 2020) Paper Code/Dataset

Enhancing glycolysis attenuates Parkinson’s disease progression in models and clinical databases (Cai et al., 2019) Paper Code/Data forthcoming

Corticostriatal stimulation compensates for medial frontal inactivation during interval timing (Emmons et al., 2019) Paper  Code/Dataset

Scopolamine and medial frontal stimulus-processing during interval timing (Zhang et al.,2019): Paper  Code/Dataset

Striatal dopamine and the temporal control of behavior (De Corte et al., 2018):  Paper  Code/Dataset

A human prefrontal-subthalamic circuit for cognitive control. (Kelley/Flouty et a., 2018): Paper  Code/Dataset

Mid-frontal theta activity is diminished during cognitive control in Parkinson's disease (Singh et al., / Cavanagh Lab 2018).  Paper   Code/Dataset

Prefrontal D1 Dopamine-Receptor Neurons and Delta Resonance in Interval Timing (Kim / Narayanan 2018): Paper  Code/Dataset

Rodent Medial Frontal Control of Temporal Processing in the Dorsomedial Striatum (Emmons et al., 2017): Paper Code/Dataset

Corticostriatal Field Potentials Are Modulated at Delta and Theta Frequencies during Interval-Timing Task in Rodents (Emmons et al., 2016): Paper  Code/Dataset

Startle Habituation and Midfrontal Theta Activity in Parkinson Disease (Chen et al., 2016): Paper  Code/Dataset

Infusion of D1 Dopamine Receptor Agonist into Medial Frontal Cortex Disrupts Neural Correlates of Interval Timing (Parker et al., 2015): Paper Code/Dataset

Methods for studying functional interactions among neuronal populations (Narayanan and Laubach 2009): Paper   Code/Dataset