The gold standard of science is independent replication.  I've attempted to briefly track replications here - please let me know if you tried to replicate one of our experiments, and it didn't work. 





We are committed to rigorous and reproducible science.  This means:

Shared datasets and code.  We have been sharing data since 2010 in various forms.  

Access to our papers.  We also have been publishing in open-access journals such as Frontiers when possible. 

Convergent evidence from multiple levels (mice, rats, humans) and multiple experimental systems (single neuron analyses / LFP / EEG, or pharmacology / genetics / virus).  Samples sizes are powered by a priori analyses - even though our experiments can be costly and difficult (i.e., intracranial implants in transgenic mice or intraoperative neurophysiology).  

Science is a human process, and we make mistakes.  Even journals make mistakes.   Hopefully, by being as open and transparent as possible we can move closer to making observations that help human disease. 

Link to our lab protocols.