Prefrontal Cortex, Cognition, and Speech in Parkinson's Disease - NINDS Udall P20 

Our goal is to catalyze novel collaborations that will lead to an Udall Center of Excellence. We will test the overall hypothesis that decreased dopamine-dependent PFC 4 Hz activity impairs cognition and speech in PD. We will identify cellular and circuit mechanisms underlying PFC function and dysfunction in preclinical rodent models and in human PD patients. We will harness complementary and convergent cutting-edge techniques, such as cell-type-specific 2-photon imaging of the PFC in behaving animals, human intraoperative neurophysiology, brain imaging, and brain connectivity. Common research themes focus on the PFC in cognitive and speech symptoms of PD, neuronal oscillations, and neuronal circuits. Specific synergies among projects include our molecularly-defined circuits, shared analytic tools, and the temporal organization of cognitive and speech functions disrupted in PD


We have monthly journal clubs and weekly data meetings - email if you are interested. 

Data Meetings:

11-5 Ergun Uc
12-3 Andrea Rohl, Greenlee Lab
12-17 Georgina Aldridge

Journal Clubs

11-8 Kumar Narayanan
12-6 Alex Bova
1-10-22 Georgina Aldridge
2-7-22 Johnson Zhang
3-7-22 Boes Lab
4-4-22 Johnson Zhang
5-9-22 UNM  
6-6-22 Aubrey Chan